So You’ve Come for the Free Book, Huh?

Not that I blame you. You just read a complex and engaging book about Vampires who don’t sparkle, engage in couponing, and believe in Lizard men.

How could you NOT want more stuff from that author? Right?

Plus, hey…free book.

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If you need more convincing, read on

Right now you are getting the first book in my other serial Apocalypse Girls. It’s pretty awesome too.
If you’re disappointed that I don’t have book number 2 here yet, I share your pain. I have to finish writing and editing and cover making and all those dang meetings with the Lizard men lawyers…
I mean typo finding…Yeah, typos…all over the place.

Anyway, I gotta do all the dang work.

You just need to give me your email and I will send you a lovely link to where you can get your book. It’s through book funnel, which requires you to download an app, but it’s a small  one, and it makes it so you don’t have to ask me how to sideload my masterpiece onto your 1996 blackberry…cause I don’t know how.

If you do these two steps you will get several things from me:

  • My adoration! Who doesn’t want to be adored?
  • A free crack at book 2! Right, I said not yet, and that was because of this thing here! My present marketing plan has book 2 for this series replacing the book you’re getting for people who buy my book and add their email to this self-same list you are now joining. What? Foul you will all cry! Except, if you are part of my email list before then (and meet some teensy weensy other qualifications) I will give you book 2 just for not unsubscribing immediately. Sweet!
  • You can tell me all your dreams and wishes! Although not for the series. It’s planned out as best as I can right now, so I don’t know if I can fit in that slash fic between Tycho and the Lizard men. It will have to be a short made specially for you.
  • And you can learn what I’m thinking! About everything! Cheese, and whether or not you can lick your elbow!

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